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Various Activities


Beside studies the school encourages compulsory participation of students in activities like:

1. Taekwondo : To face the fierce world, boys and girls are trained in the art of Taekwondo which enables them to be ready for self-defence in face of danger.

2. Physical Training : P.T. demonstration by students ensures to develop the awareness among the students regarding the significance of a healthy body.

3. Gymnasium : A fully furnished gymnasium room with most modern and latest machines to work out on, is provided to the students. This facility helps to keep the students fit, active and strong. Interested students are also allowed to avail these facilities in the evening classes. Under the supervision of an able PTI, students exercise and workout on these machines.

4. Art & Craft : In this students learn to fill colours to their imagination and give wings to their creativity. Here they learn to draw, paint and prepare various art pieces out of clay, paper Massey, plaster of Paris etc.