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General Guidelines


For Parents

1. Please co-operate with the school by paying attention to your ward's regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in his / her work.

2. Do check the bag of your ward for any circular, worksheet, invitation or homework given in the diary.

3. Regularly monitor the academic progress of your child and communicate with the concerned teachers through this diary regarding problems if any. If needed the Academic Director or the Principal may be contacted.

4. Taking leave for half-day must be avoided as far as possible for security reasons. In case of emergency please take written permission from the Academic Director / Principal. Class Teacher and transport-in-charge must be duly informed.

5. When sick, do not send your child to school to attend classes or to write tests.

6. Reporting time at school is 7:40 a.m. No student will be allowed to enter the school gates after 8:00 a.m. If any student arrives late and is stranded outside the gate without any escort, parents will be called for to collect them from school office. Late comers will not be accepted in the classroom. Kindly co-operate with us to reinforce the value of punctuality and discipline amongst students.

7. Please do not give mobile phones to your child. Any child carrying a mobile phone or any other gadget shall be fined and disciplinary action will be taken.

8. Children tend to pick up abusive language / foul word from the media and other sources without understanding their meaning. We take requisite measures to counsel and check them at school and request you to take corrective action at home too.

9. Your attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of a teacher or the school in the presence of the child causes him / her to lose respect for the same and will hinder his / her progress.

10. Kindly do not enter the classrooms either to see your child or to meet the teachers during school bours. It can be arranged with prior appointment.

11. Please inform the school immediately in case of change in address.

12. Attend all the Parent-Teacher Meetings to check the progress of your ward.

13. All fee due is to be paid within one week from the beginning of each month. Late fee charge is SR. 5/- per day. Always pay the fees and other dues on time to avoid embarrassment to the child.

14. Parents and Guardians should be very particular of their wards' returning home immediately after school except on those days when they stay back with prior intimation. If may be noted that the responsibility of the authorities ceases immediately after school hours.

15. The school does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever, for any accident that may happen, either while travelling from and to school or at school either during or after school hours on any occasion.

16. Please ensure that your ward joins school after the holidays on the re-opening day.

For Students

1. Students must reach school well in time.

2. Students must come to school in proper uniform.

3. The attendance of the student should be regular. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, a leave application has to be sent by the parent along with necessary documents like medical certificate, etc.

4. All students are expected to converse only in English.

5. Students shall not be allowed to leave the school premises without genuine reason and valid permission of the Academic Director / Principal. No child is allowed to visit the school canteen during any time other than recess.

6. Students are not supposed to bring to school any material that is not relevant to academics. Possessing undesirable materials such as video / audio cassettes, cameras, CDs, floppy disks, mobile phones, objectionable printed material, etc. would be considered a serious offence.

7. All students should have full awareness of personal hygiene. They should maintain a neat and proper hairdo.

8. Students are expected to be social, polite and courteous with their peers and the school staff. They should always refrain from arrogant and violent behaviour.

9. The school is for students. Therefore, every student should have a sense of belonging. He / she must utilize the school facilities like school bus, classrooms, libraries etc., in a desired manner. Students should not cause any damage to the school property. Any such damage caused will be amended by recovering the cost from the student.

10. Disrespect for and disobedience to superiors and teachers, using abusive language, writing on furniture and walls and exhibiting other habits or behaviour considered objectionable by the school authorities will render the student liable to punishment.