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General Rules



1. Students are not permitted to use calculators and other electronic gadgets during the examination.

2. Use of correction fluid on answer sheets is not allowed. Any mistake should be scored out and the modified answer separately re-written.

3. Bringing forbidden material into the examination hall amounts to malpractice.

4. Writing on the question paper is prohibited and will amount to malpractice (except on self-answering sheets).

5. If a student is found usingunfair means during an examination, he / she will be given 'zero' in that paper.

6. Any incident of tampering with examination records will be considered a serious offence and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

7. A student will not be allowed to appear for the final examination unless his / her fee dues are cleared.


1. One clear calendar month's notice in written or a month's fee in lieu of such a notice must be given before a pupil is withdrawn from school.

2. Those who leave the school in June must in all cases pay the fee for the month of July. Transfer Certificate is not issued until all dues of the school are settled.

3. No leave of absence is granted except on receipt of PRIOR WRITTEN APPLICATION from parents or guardians and also for plausible reasons only.

4. Every absence (due to sickness or otherwise) must be entered briefly in RECORD OF ABSENCE pages at the end of the Diary and signed by parents / guardians.

5. Parents are requested to send a leave application if the child has to be absent for more than one day. If no information is received, an external memo will be send to the parents.

6. If parents wish to take their child on a vacation that does not coincide with the school vacation, the school should be notified at least one week in advance. Please note that under any circumstances tuition fees will not be waived for the duration of child's absence from school.

7. No missed work is going to be provided in advance for vacations taken during regular school.

8. If parents themselves are leaving on vacation, leaving their child at home, they must notify the school office giving complete information regarding the name, address, and telephone number(s) of child's guardian.

9. Parents are requested not to apply for a leave for their children or to ask to see them during school hours, unless absolutely necessary.


1. Students must be at the bus stop at the designated time for pick-up in the morning. The driver will wait no more than three minutes at each stop. Tbe driver makes every effort to be on time. However, traffic may binder bis goal or may make him arrive early. Your patience and understanding of these circumstances is appreciated.

2. We request parents to provide their children with water bottles / flasks in order to avoid dehydration, especially on the journey back from school.

3. Please inform the school transport-in-charge or the driver (preferably in writing) if your child is not going to be on the bus in the morning or afternoon.

4. Students are expected to board the bus immediately after school is over.

5. It is important that all children remain in their seats throughout the journey. Unruly and boisterous behaviour may cause injury or even distract the driver, resulting in an accident. Such behaviour in the bus will lead to disciplinary action including withdrawal of bus facility.

6. Students are not allowed to board any bus other than the one allotted to them.

7. Students will be accommodated as per the carrying capacity ofbuses.

8. While considering a request for a change of location / route, bus facility will be provided subject to the availability of space in the bus.