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Dated : 21.Dec.2013
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Author : Administrator


O Lord! I ask thee for forgiveness
For indeed, thou art not merciless
And I am not hopeless.
O Lord! I ask thee to forgive my sinful deeds
For indeed, thou art the One that leads
And today I am the one that bleeds.
O Lord! I ask thee to guide me with a light
For indeed, thou hast the highest honour and might
And today I am ashamed at my own sight.
O Lord! Thy mercy is infinite
For indeed, thy mercy and not thy anger hast more might
And I ask thee to give me a bit of thy guiding light.
O Lord! I ask thee to forgive me
For indeed, no one forgives sins except thee
And only by thy forgiveness can I be set free.
O Lord! No matter how many sins I do
I have always worshipped you
For I know by all heart you are true.


By – Atiq 9b2